Specializes in Microwave and

Sincere, Responsible, Service, Safety and Innovation

C-LINK Technology was founded in 1996. At first we provide communication components for industiral technology research institute, factories and institutions for academic research.

In the 3rd year, as the digital image technology was getting mature, we started our monitoring system's business . We keep sincere, responsible, service, safety and innovation in our mind, provide our best to our customers.

We also provide a good working environment for our employee, this nutrient is our company grow up need. Appreciate lots of customers support us and give us opportunity. In return, we provide our best sevice to them and we never let them down.。

Combine New Resource, Provide what Market Needs

Due to security need and threats of terrorist, goverment and people eager to have a reliable surveillance system. As the technology of artifact intelligence, intelligence video surveillance and big data are getting mature, we can add many features to meet customer's requirements. Not only safety, our service can be applied to home life, business and industry.

Quality Assurance and Safe Environment

We provide professional maintenance services. Our engineer and team bring safe enviroment and high quality to our customers. We also cooperate with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). With UL's help, we have more confident and efficient to ensure our quality. We will keep trying, may we can provide a better future to our customer and the world.